Thursday, May 26, 2005

Filibuster This!

Greetings Friends

I am so sick and tired of this filibuster talk I am about to throw my satellite radio out the window! Some republicans seem to have lost their courage on the issue and the democrats are acting like they are smarter than everyone else as they think they have won something here. I think it is all a big bunch of hooey! (Is that a word?)

Anyway I will give credit to Carrie Underwood for carrying the banner for us Red Staters last night in American Idol and her runner up Bo Bice who is also a red stater. I don't know what their personal politics are and I don't care. They are both great singers and I hope they will help rejuvenate the music business which has been on a down hill slide for many, many years now. (One of the reasons I left the DJ/KJ business.) Since Brittany SPears seems to be gone maybe there is hope after all! Keep in mind that 30 million plus people watch and vote on that show and out of all the hip hop, R&B, pop singers they voted for a Country singer and a Southern Rock singer as the two finalist. That seems to reflect something here that can be mirrored in politics.

Now to more important news. Golf!

I shot a 92 this week. Took off early one afternoon and played 18 holes for a change. I left a good 5 or 6 strokes on the front nine and a couple on the back as well so looks like breaking into the 80's is not out of the question this year. It's funny I have been playing this game since the early 80's and I am just now getting to where I can shoot in the 80's. Almost had my first eagle, made a birde out of it. I bought some new clubs last year and it seems they are paying off. Of course good putting is what did it for me this round. I made at least two putts over twenty feet and I was making just about all of the five foot or less putts. That is they key to a good score for a hacker like me.

A little vacation is in order this weekend. I am going to the beach with my lovely wife. I am leaving my two vicious dogs and my son here so don't even think about it! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

God Bless our troops and vets!

Write on!


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