Monday, March 14, 2005

What a Sunday!

WOW! The weather was nice yesterday. Must have been 75 degrees here in Charlotte. I had to get my Shadow out and give her a wash. I took a nice ride in the mid afternoon and visited a couple of friends . Did about a 15 miles trip. It sure was good to be on the road again. I am planning on spending a little money this year on my bike. I want to add a sissy bar with back rest and a small windshield. After that I will get a suitcase like bag that fits down on the sissy bar for when I go camping. I have got a few friends now who ride so looks like I am going to get out more this year than last!

In the News lately the debacle in Atlanta is still headlines. This guy who took the gun from the officer and killed the judge and a few others is back in custody. Do you think they will hand cuff him this time or is it too mean to handcuff a prisoner. It makes them look guilty. This liberal PC nonsense has to stop! Not to mention the policy of having hardened criminals being escorted by female deputies that obviously do not have the ability to keep their guns away from the criminals. How stupid is that policy? Looks like it will change now that people have died due to their lack of common sense in Atlanta.

In other disturbing news some lunatic has killed seven people at a church service. My wife and I had a discussion about this a year or so ago when someone had shot up a school. I said next thing you know some idiot will open fire in a church! Sure enough it has happened. My prayers go out to all of the above, in Atlanta and in Wisconsin. It seems the crazy people are just taking it out on innocent bystanders these days.

I am urging everyone I know to back the Fair tax Act. In this proposal we will no longer pay income tax, payroll tax or inheritance tax. An across the board consumption tax will replace it all. Corporations too! Take a look at it and see what you think!

I was watching TV last night and Deadwood was on HBO. I tuned in because I watched most of last season even though I was a bit put out by all the vulgarity. I love a good western though and this one is gritty and realistic it seems. However last night was my last episode. I just can't support this thing any longer. Every other word is the F word and the blatant sex and vulgarity is just too overwhelming. My sensibilities have changed over the past few years and since I have been born again I just cannot tolerate some things I would have tolerated in the past. Call me a prude if you like but I am done with that show.

The Sheild will be on tomorrow night. It is a cop show that I enjoy that is realistic and gritty. I hope they don't get too overboard with it. It is on cable but not HBO so maybe there is hope.

One last thing. The wife and I went to see Bruce Willis in "Hostage" this weekend. It was a very good movie. It was rated R for strong violence and language but I still enjoyed it. The story was good and it had many twists in the plot. I recommend it for adults.



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