Thursday, March 10, 2005

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I hope my million and millions of visitors enjoyed the pics from the family reunion. I took most of them down but I did leave the one of Grace Britt (Granny) for all the world to enjoy. I also left the one up of my shadow. It is almost spring and I will be getting her ready for business soon!

I was reading this morning in Neals Nuze where the private accounts for SS that the President is trying to push through the congress is not polling well. Neal made mention of the fact that most of the people not paying attention or saying no to these private accounts are either the AARP or products of the government school system here in the good ole' USA. Well Neal you nailed it buddy. The vast majority of the kids being churned out of the public school system in this country wouldn't know a whit about the economic impact on their lives if they were able to have private accounts set up from the time they were 18 until they turned 65. If the schools actually taught economics as a true subject of study rather than teaching it from a platform of how bad the United States is by being the economic bully of the world we might have some different opinions out there.

There is a proposal being batted around right now which presents a very interesting theory. If each and every baby born in the USA were paid $2000.00 that day, then again on each birth day until it is 18. All of this going into an account strictly for retirement the kid would have 65K at 18. By the time he hit 65 years old he/she would have over one million dollars for retirement. That means a couple would have two million or more for their golden years. It is said this program would cost less than the current social security system we have set up today. Sounds a little far fetched but it is an interesting proposal.

I was emailing back and forth with a friend of mine about the state of the country and the economy and so forth. He stated he thought there would be another revolution here in the USA someday in the future. I replied that there already is one, a conservative republican revolution. If you don't believe me look at the current political climate. Republicans have won the White House, the senate, the house of representatives, and the majority of governors seats across the country.

Let's look at some reasons why the republicans have had such sweeping success.

  1. Democrats were wrong about tax cuts.
  2. Democrats were wrong about Iraq.
  3. Democrats have positioned themselves to only succeed if America fails.
  4. Democrats continue to block the President's prime judicial nominees.
  5. Democrats continue to block the President's energy plan.
  6. Democrats continue to push for removal of GOD from schools and public places.
  7. Democrats continue to block Social Security reform.
  8. Democrats will try and block Tax Reform.
  9. The rise of conservative talk radio.
  10. The influence of FOX news.
  11. The influence and availability of internet news.
  12. The fall of the Old media.
  13. The rise of BLOGS!
I could go on but I think you see my point here. Democrats are still nasty and wrong plus, there have been big changes over the past decade or so in this country where news is concerned. The people who absorb the news in America are no longer forced to get it from the big three CBS, ABC, and NBC. We have talk radio and FOX news as well as the internet. We can now get both sides of the story and it has made a HUGE difference in the way people see politics. I see more changes coming. Hold onto your hats because the democrats will not go down without a fight. However they will go down. Their party is currently imploding and I predict it will split at some point.

More to come....

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