Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Left is lost!

While browsing the news this morning I found a great article at by Chistopher Hitchens. Here is a link to it. In this article he points out the flaws in the NYT article from the 13th concerning the so-called looting of the WMD sites in Iraq.

Remember these WMD sites did not exist according to certain parties on the left and certain weapons inspectors with agendas that did not mesh with the Bush administration. Now all of the sudden the two brilliant juorlnalists from the NYT claim that all this material was systematically removed from Irag to a neighboring state with trucks and cranes and they call it looting!

Hmmm, seems the same paper who printied that Bush lied about Sadaam's WMD capabilites now prints and article that says Sadaam had the capabilites and we allowed them to be looted. What's wrong with this picture. By the way, the Old media did not report this story at all on Monday the day after the NYT printed it.

Double-hmmm, I wonder why?

You a Clint Eastwood fan? Here is a link to an interview with Clint by Bill O'Reilly. Check it out! In this article you will learn that Clint is 74 now. Wow! How did that happen? His mom who is still alive is 96! Looks like Clint could be with us a while longer.....

Write on!


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