Saturday, March 05, 2005

Family Reunion pics!

OK, so I am playing around with my blog tonight. It is Saturday and I really do have better things to do I suppose but I am doing this anyway so sue me!

I am going to post some pics from my family reunion and try and get some of my relatives to come check it out. I have been blessed with a great, loving family and we all gather in north Georgia every year to meet and break bread together. Grace Britt, my sweet Grandmother is the matriarch of the family and only the best Granny in the whole world!

We do this for her, that is drive hundreds of miles to eat and chat for a couple of hours then hit the road again. I enjoy it, really! She will be 85 or 86 this year, I am not exactly sure which but who's counting anyway... (wink)

Love Ya Granny Britt!

So here goes nothing!

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