Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Blogs

Sounds like a horror movie title from the 50's or maybe a family next door like the Smith's or the Burg's. Yet it is something different and new altogether.

The Blogs of course are this new form of communication, perhaps not so new but a new way to describe communication over the internet, maybe packaged a bit differently than before. It is really nothing but a website. Some folks use them as a personal journal, others like to talk about politics or something else perhaps. I personally like to mix it up.

Anyone who reads this knows what Blogs are or they wouldn't be here. Yet I suppose someone could stumble across a blog if they were just surfing the net and hit one by accident.

The truth is blogs seem to be the craze right now online. Lot's of famous people have them and just regular Joe's like myself although the majority of Americans wouldn't know a blog if it hit them right smack in the forehead.

Here is a little article on blogs I found this morning written by Michael Barone.

On to the news!

Seems that the democrats are gluttons for punishment! Example? They have made Howard the Duck, I mean Dean, their new DNC chairman. Check out this little piece on him by O'Reilly.

On the lighter side here is a piece on Cheech and Chong. During the 70's I was a big fan of their movie's, looks like they are going to make a couple more.

Are you a google head, googler or just someone who googles? You might want to read this.

Remember that little gargoyle in North Korea. He might be full of it, says South Korea, if you know what I mean. Here is a piece describing his latest boast of being a nuclear power.

Speaking of Gargoyles this is a very interesting story. I wonder if this thing is for real?

Write On!


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